VoIP Services:

Understanding  the power of VoIP  technology will help you create a long-term Unified Communications  strategy that will super-charge your business productivity.

Unifying your Communications with VoIP services streamlines your voice and phone communications.

What are VoIP services?

Quite simply, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows you to transmit voice (phone) and multimedia through the Internet rather than through expensive telephone lines. Your VoIP phone system provides voice services by sending communications as data packets over the Internet. This means that you can use your business phone anywhere you have access to the Internet.

What is Unified Communications?

Once you’ve chosen a VoIP service for your company, you’re ready to build a Unified Communications (UC) strategy. UC is not a singular technology. Rather, it is an interconnected system of VoIP capable devices and applications that allow your company to communicate and collaborate more productively.

Benefits of a creating a Unified Communications strategy using VoIP services:

Choose from hundred of providers, all offering a myriad of services that can streamline your business communications.

Take your contact center to the next level — Record, transfer and study phone calls. Use hot desking, faxing over IPs, and more.

Eliminate the need for costly phone lines and equipment. Get crystal-clear calling at a greatly reduced price from traditional solutions.

Four popular types of VoIP Services:

There are four main types of VoIP technology listed below. Understanding these different VoIP services can help you determine which system you’ll choose to best suit your needs.

Integrated Access VoIP

Many companies start with this approach because it allows you to integrate VoIP software with your existing legacy phone system. For example, if you purchased a new business phone system in the last five years, you may be able to access advanced VoIP telecommunications features while keeping your old phone numbers and get a few more years out of your equipment investment.

SIP Trunks

If you want to install and manage your own VoIP technolgy, SIP Trunks may be for you. Session Initial Protocol (SIP) transmits your voice and video information across a data network, replacing your traditional analog phone networks, allowing you to use VoIP and share lines for greater communications flexibility. This approach can cut costs substantially because you pay only for minutes used, not additional hardware and physical phone lines. Plus, as your company grows and your needs expand, simply add more trunks in minutes—not days.

Hosted IP PBX

This is perhaps one the most popular VoIP services adopted by businesses of all sizes. WIth Hosted IP PBX, you connect your entire business to a hosted cloud-based PBX network via your IP (Internet) network, while your provider offers the hardware, software, maintenance, security and upgrades. Typically, you manage and monitor the entire VoIP solution from a user-friendly control panel featuring call queueing, on-hold music, voice messaging, auto attendants and more.

Managed IP PBX

Looking for a total turn-key option? Purchase a Managed IP PBX VoIP driven unified communication solution from a provider while you house the equipment on-premise. Your managed PBX provider typically installs any needed equipment and charges a flat fee, based on number of phone lines you’ll need. Your provider also configures and updates the technology you’ll need going forward.

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